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"I have lived here in the Antelope Valley for over 20 years and have

  been to many other chiropractic offices. I have been given the best

  care from Dr. Petersen. I believe he is the best Chiropractor here in

  the Antelope Valley." – C Fast

"Dr. Petersen is great! He really knows his profession.

I love the different methods he uses to bring my whole body into alignment, not just my back. A visit to him has given me relief

from many severe head aches." – M Hammer

Dr. Chris Petersen

The Antelope Valley has always played an important role in Dr. Petersen’s life. He originally moved to Palmdale at the age of 7. He spent the next decade in the AV, where he proudly graduated from Highland High School.


Owning and operating his own chiropractic clinic has been a dream for Dr. Petersen since his teenage years. With that in mind, he decided to move to Provo, Utah and attend Brigham Young University (BYU). While there, he received his B.S. in Human Anatomy with a minor in business.


Cinthia Hernandez

Is the office manager at Active Life Chiropractic and has been with Active Life since 2016. With her welcoming and friendly personality she has greeted thousands of patients entering the doors of the office.

The next step along the journey to achieving his dream took him to upstate New York. Dr. Petersen attended New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY. While there, he was active in his school community. He served as class president as well as a resident assistant. He graduated cum laude with his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree.


Dr. Petersen was fortunate to spend time in Phoenix, AZ working for a large auto injury chiropractic firm. He discovered a passion for helping patients recover from traumatic injuries, as well as helping them maintain their overall health. He eventually was named as the youngest Clinic Director for that company.


When a chiropractic office became available in Palmdale, Dr. Petersen's hometown, the idea of moving home and giving back to the community where he was raised became real. Dr. Petersen decided to move back to California to start Active Life Chiropractic where he has enjoyed expanding the business to continue to give back to his community.


Dr. Petersen is the only Activator- Certified physician in the Antelope Valley. In fact Dr. Petersen has achieved and maintained the highest ranking (Advanced Proficiency) that Activator offers. The Activator method of chiropractic uses an adjusting instrument to treat patients, which can be especially useful in elderly patients or those involved in recent traumatic injuries. Dr. Petersen also performs manual adjusting and uses a variety of therapies to help his patients feel their best.


Health and physical activity are important to Dr. Petersen. He has successfully completed several Tough Mudder courses. He also enjoys playing his weekly basketball games and running when he finds the time.

Although she was not a chiropractic patient prior to joining Active Life Chiropractic, she has seen the benefits of consistent chiropractic care in improving the lives of the patients treated at Active Life. She has also found the value of chiropractic care for herself and others, referring many family members for chiropractic treatment.


Cinthia has a great passion for sports having played and coached soccer for many years. She loves watching NFL games and rooting for her favorite team. This close interest in and understanding of sports helps her see the importance of chiropractic care in maximizing sports performance and healing from sports injuries.


Cinthia lives locally having moved to Palmdale in 2012. She loves spending time with her two wonderful daughters and occasionally jumping on the motorcycle for a day trip.


She looks forward to greeting you at Active Life Chiropractic soon!



 We have been an integral part of the

 Antelope Valley for over 40 years.

 Originally founded by Dr. Melvin Hopper as Hopper

 Chiropractic, the clinic now operates under the name of

 Active Life Chiropractic. When Dr. Chris Petersen

 became the new owner in 2006, he changed the name

 of the office to reflect the goal of our office- which is to help each of our patients achieve a more active life.

In an effort to reach more auto accident victims and offer them our treatment services, we are pleased to announce that we are starting a new branch of our office called Auto Accident Chiropractic. For more information, please check us out at