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Cryotherapy & Thermotherapy

Cryotherapy (or ice pack treatment) involves the application of cold temperatures to an injured area of your body. Our office commonly uses it to help alleviate the pain of various injuries, as well as to decrease muscle soreness. Cryotherapy decreases the blood flow to your injury, resulting in vasoconstriction and decreased inflammation in the treated area.


Thermotherapy involves the use of heat in treating injuries and pain or discomfort in your muscles and joints. Our office uses special moist heat packs in our thermotherapy treatments. In addition to treating painful joints, sore muscles, muscle strain, muscle injuries and tendon injuries, the use of moist heat is also effective in treating other conditions including arthritis, nerve injuries and migraines. Because thermotherapy helps increase blood circulation, it is an effective tool in bringing relaxation to your muscles, joints and soft tissue. This then leads to pain relief and a quicker recovery time.