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Children are the most active group of people on earth! All of this energy comes with a downside- children’s bodies are prone to injuries and stresses from all of this movement. Chiropractic adjustments help keep your children doing what they do best- whether that is jumping on the bed, chasing the dog around the yard or scoring the winning goal for their team.


What age can a child start chiropractic visits?


Because of its gentle and noninvasive nature, chiropractic is great at any age! Dr. Petersen has

adjusted newborns, toddlers, active teen athletes and any other group of kids that you can imagine.


Can my newborn come for a visit?


Of course! Let us explain why we recommend bringing your newborn in for a visit. The experience of child birth can be very traumatic to your newborn. Their body is squeezed, pushed and pulled over an extended period of time. All of these stresses can cause interferences in the nervous system leading to slower healing, Torticollis, difficulty with breastfeeding, ear infections, crankiness, trouble with sleeping and more. We recommend that all newborns should come in for a general check-up and adjustment as soon as possible.