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Physical examinations are required by many different organizations to make sure that their athletes, employees or participants have the appropriate health to perform the tasks asked of them. It is common for athletes to need medical clearance before participating in sports. Many employment agencies and organizations also require this of their employees.


What should I expect?


When coming to our office for a physical, please bring any paperwork that is required by your school or agency. The physical lasts 10-15 minutes and includes height, weight, vitals including blood pressure and pulse. Vision, range of motion, and your upper and lower extremities including your history of previous injuries will also be assessed. There will also be a review of systems including listening to your lungs and heart, and an inspection of your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Minor children are required to have a parent sign a consent form on their behalf and parents are always welcome to be in the room as the physical is performed.


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