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Can I go to the chiropractor

if I’m pregnant?


The answer is a resounding yes! Pregnancy seems to make you question everything that you do. Is this food safe to eat? Can I ride on an airplane? Will taking my prescription hurt my baby? The list never seems to end. You want the best start to life for your baby. We want that for you as well! Chiropractic uses no drugs and so there is no risk to your baby being exposed to the potentially harmful side effects common with medication. Getting adjusted is simply a way to help your body work optimally- assuring that it can heal faster and stay healthier!


During pregnancy, your body produces hormones that relax the ligaments throughout your entire body in preparation for the delivery of your baby.  These hormones, along with all the other changes that your body experiences during pregnancy, result in loose joints, swayed back posture, and oftentimes pain or discomfort.


Chiropractic is an effective way to help your body manage the changes associated with pregnancy and helps bring your body into alignment for an easier birthing experience. Proper chiropractic adjustments (including the Webster technique) have been found to be effective in helping breech babies turn to their optimal birthing position.

Dr. Petersen follows a specific protocol when treating pregnant women. This protocol allows him to address needs that are specific to pregnancy including round ligament pain, sciatica, hip pain, headaches and shoulder pain, foot pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.


If you have any questions about managing your pregnancy with the use of chiropractic, call us today!


Pregnancy is one of the most amazing journeys that the human body can experience. Unfortunately, the constant changes associated with 9 months of pregnancy can cause your body a lot of pain and stress. Child birth and breastfeeding can also place strains on your body. Being able to remain comfortable and pain-free during these exciting times will help you focus most on what matters- enjoying the journey to motherhood and bonding with your new baby.

Pregnancy Care